W.T.I.A. 2.0 Association of Home Based Entrepreneurs worldwide

Hello there, VivBounty here.

Today I’m giving YOU first notice that WTIA 2.0 is NOW OPEN!

This worldwide Association of Home Based Entrepreneurs can help you manifest your bounty, whatever you dream that to be.

This Wealth System has been paying people in over 190 countries worldwide for over 25 years.

So as the founder of this association said,  my goal today is to give you FIRST chance to take appropriate ACTION.
ACTION is part of my Success System that NEVER fails, regardless of the endeavor.

WTIA 2.0 is here to Empower Member Associates (that’s YOU) to generate immediate and increasing residual revenue for both yourselves and your heirs going forward!

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Also, there is passive income in this program. I have been paid 3 times today, from spillover! So to understand more simply view the video above, then subscribe to Rick Mathews YouTube and follow me on Twitter.

And keep in mind, there is spillover for LIFE, both width and depth, to INFINITY!

But don’t worry, we will go over it again and again, Live and In Person, going forward.

Get registered with WTIA 2.0 CLICK here after you get your Payza account.


Until next time I wish you all bountiful blessings.

Helping You Manifest Your Bounty to

Create Wealth Online

Prosperous Blessings


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9 Ways to Get Help to Manage Everything You do Online

Hello There, VivBounty here to share with you the best Internet Marketing Hub for everything you do online, Lead Generating Tools. I have been a member of Lead Generating Tools for 10 years now and it really is my marketing dashboard.

There are many great reasons to join, LGT, Lead Generating tools. My favourite is the support, and the great admin, Steve Swetman, who goes above and beyond the call of duty for his members and always over delivers. Here are some other reasons to join:

Reason #1 Make Lead Generating Tools Your Base of Operation! All Your Tools and Services In One Place means you SAVE! Why spend $20.00 a month for a responder when you can create unlimited responders with Cpanel Hosting, Monthly Resources, and much more at LGT! We have several levels of membership and You Can Get Started Free!


Our Gold Membership is ONLY $22.95 a month! Full Gold Membership gives you access to all our List Building Tools “Create Unlimited List Building Campaigns”, Monthly Resources including Software you can sell, All our Promotional Pages, CPanel Hosting, and more!


Have you ever wondered how you’re going to get new subscribers to opt-in to your contact list? With Lead Generating Tools you will have tons of resources to entice new subscriber to opt-in to your list! New products added every month! Plus you will never have to look for quality material to give to or sell to your contact list!


Reason #2 Gold members earn greater commissions.


Free Members Earn 10% Commission on personal sales.
Pay out must reach $25.00

Easy Biz Promoter and Team LGT Members receive 15% commissions on all personal sales.
Pay out must reach $25.00.

Gold Members Earn More

– $5 Commission from an Easy Biz Promoter Sale of $5.95 a month.
– $5 Commission from a Team LGT Sales of $8.95 a month.
– $20 Commission from an Easy Biz Promoter Yearly Membership Sale of $39.95 per year.
– $35 Commission from a Team LGT Yearly Membership Sale of $79.95 per year.
– $5 Commission from a Gold Membership Sale of $22.95 a month.


Reason #3 We offer professional list building solutions to website owners worldwide. Private Label Rights Products, List Building Marketing Reports, Marketing Ecourses, Affiliate Marketing Tools and Resources, Article Marketing Tools and Resources, Social Marketing Resources, that help you Build a Contact List and Make Money.


Product Creation Software is available at the Gold membership level. Just request a membership into our exclusive Information Gold Club!


Reason #4 You can setup Affiliate Banner Pages, List Building Campaigns, with Your Social Media Links and your Photo. Your in control.


Reason #5
You get a full replicated website, that carries your name as the
sponsor. You make money when someone joins Lead Generating Tools
from your affiliate website, Real products and services that get
results fast. Products that millions of website owners worldwide
want and need.


Reason #6 Members will have access to a variety of tools and services, like a URL Rotator, Ad Tracking and Cloaking, CPanel Hosting, Script Installation,
Word Press Support, Autoresponders, and Resources.


Reason #7 Simple system designed for everyone – ( “newbies” to seasoned professionals ) You will be promoting in minutes after joining our affiliate program! You could be building your contact list within 24 hours after joining!


Reason #8 Lead Generating Tools Marketers will have all the tools needed to build a long lasting residual income and contact list. Start Free and as your contact list and knowledge grow upgrade accordingly! No need to break your bank!


Reason #9 Though this site was built mainly for Lead Generating Tools members, it is a great resource site for any online marketing venture. The Tools and Information will help anyone. Whatever Product Your Selling we can Help!


Reason #10 Time To Get Serious – It’s time to learn and Earn! Join Now!!

Bountiful blessings,


Lead Generating Tools

How To Post Images In The DailyNetPay Facebook Group

Hello There, VivBounty here to show you how to post images in the DailyNetPay Facebook Group.

The DailyNetPay (DNP) Facebook Group is a private group with over 31,600 members. Many of these members also belong to F5M Millionaires Club (F5MMC) which contains the revolutionary Gold Booster Payment (GBP) system leading to Wealth Team International, a.k.a. WTIA, the club’s main wealth system which has been paying daily worldwide for over 23 years.

To make a post in the DailyNetPay Group, first log into your Facebook account.

You will come to your profile page. Click on the Home link.


Scroll down until you see your News Feed and as I am part of this private closed group, I have DailyNetPay in mine. You will too when you join this amazing group and paying program! Click on DailyNetPay:


Once in the DailyNetPay group, click in the “Write something here” box and add your message. Do not click “Post” yet as we will now add an image.


PASU 130roi in DailyNetPay, the final addition to F5M Millionaires Club which uses the 23-year-old Wealth Team International paying you for life width and depth to infinity with VivBounty

Now to add your image which will make your post a lot more appealing and get more attention, click the camera icon as shown in the image below:

DailyNetPay Pays You To Advertise Your Business with VivBounty

A File Upload dialog box will open for you to choose an image from your computer. Fortunately for DailyNetPay members we have very generous, creative people like Clara Nolt who has created a vast number of eye-catching banners and graphics to advertise. Clara has unselfishly and graciously allowed all members to use her graphics. So I will choose one of hers to demonstrate here:

Clara E. Nolt great images for DailyNetPay Advertising Platform Most Modern and Effective Way To Promote Your Business

Image courtesy of Clara E. Nolt, advertiser extraordinaire DailyNetPay member

When you click “Open”, the image will appear in a box below your text with dotted lines around it, once you see the image in the box, click Post:

Image added, now click Post

Now your post will show up with the full size image and your text. You should always include a link to your DailyNetPay capture page in the text of your post as I have added below:

DailyNetPay Complete Global Advertising Platform for ANY Business with VivBounty

If you do not add an image and you are writing a post, you will only see text, obviously. But if you add a link to a Web page which has images on it, Facebook will choose an image from that page to add to your post. If you have more than one image on the page, you will see arrows below your text so that you can scroll through your page images and choose one you like best or tick the box beside No thumbnail if you do not want an image to appear in your post. For this example I will choose the DailyNetPay image from my Web page and click Post:

Posting a url with images on the page. Facebook chooses an image as a thumbnail

Your post will now appear with a large attractive eye-catching image along with the text including the link to your DailyNetPay capture page. This will be the picture you chose scrolling through the thumbnails as in the image below:


So there you have it. How to make posts in the DailyNetPay Group using images.  Phil West, one of our DailyNetPay members asked for help on how to make images appear in his posts on Facebook, so I wrote this visual tutorial to help him and anyone else who may be new to advertising and posting on Facebook.

Please leave me comments and/or questions below or on Facebook.

Bountiful blessings,