My Friend, Team Leader Doug, Interviews John Kielec

Hello There, VivBounty here to bring you an encouraging interview with two men I’m lucky enough to not only be in business with, but to call my friends.

Doug Tidwell and John Kielec will help anyone who wants to succeed online with a hand up, encouragement, and are generous to a fault with their time and knowledge. You need only show a willingness to roll your sleeves up and apply yourself a little and they are always there to share, teach and guide you as you take your online business to the next level.

Come and meet them live tonight at 9:00 p.m. EST. You can get your questions answered in real time and see how easy it is to follow The Way to Wealth.

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I share here Doug’s interview with John Kielec with Doug’s permission:

A Conversation with John Kielec

Hello and Welcome today to a Conversation with John Kielec.

John is the Founder, President and CEO of Fortune 5 Minutes Millionaire Club (F5M-MC)
and the phenomenal Gold Booster Program

My Name is Doug Tidwell,
and I am a long time Fortune 5 Minutes Millionaire Club Member.

John, you have been where most of us in this business
have been or still are and I so appreciate your taking time
out of your busy schedule to be with us today.

1. Would you tell us a little about how you got started
in your Online Internet Business and what your circumstances
were that precipitated that decision.

I am an Online Marketer with over 20 years of network marketing experience and I am also Founder and President of a very
successful financial club named F5M-Millionaires-Club. As a Network Marketer, I have been down the losing paths and also
walked the golden roads. My lifetime goal was to achieve financial freedom to enjoy life to the fullest with my family, relatives
and friends. I love meeting new people from around the globe and travel exotic places. My other passion or desire is to help
and guide others who are interested to do the same or to become financially free. I know this is the goal of many if not all of us.

Anyone can earn money from home and achieve the freedom they desire as long as they have the right system in place,
believe in it and never give up!

An Audio Explaining How John started His Online Journey to Success:
  the audio will open in another window so you can continue to read

To help people who are interested in earning HONEST and reliable income online, for that reason I have developed the F5M-MC.
The ‘F5M-Millionaires-Club’ is dedicated to all of the honest, decent people in the world who are searching for a way to create a
brighter future for themselves and those they care about … without cheating or stealing from others!

2. Was there people you connected with that influenced you along the way?

There were many at the start but as like most people who are starting out,
many were dishonest and their opportunity would not exist long.
Then I met Anthony Robins and his course has set my mind to do what I wanted to achieve.
Then Fortune5Minutes came into my life with very honest and down to earth person Mr.
Rick Mathews who was the admin and who is the Founder of our current club`s main wealth system.

I started to attending Rick`s meetings many years ago, and from there my earning online has begun to take a new turn.
From that time and to this date, I have learned lots, I stuck with a person who was successful and that also has
helped me to achieve what I wanted.

3. Why did you create F5M-MC?

Being a past victim of many failed opportunities and taken by Internet con artists, and what’s even more disappointing these days,
the entire home money earning sector is at its worst that ever been before. We really have to be cautious in choosing programs or
opportunities which are too good to be true. Even the ones that seem to be the most honest ones are leading people into failures
for a reason. I got sick and tired of them and losing lots of money, once I became somewhat successful and my income has begun
to grow, I wanted to offer my positive experience and proven methods to others and help them so they would not have to go
through what I went through.

4. Was it a struggle to continue to work and build your business?

At the start it was, lots of money was spent on useless ads, opportunities and what was promised I never got it.
I have learned the hard and expensive way. Today you do not have to as long as you stick with some one who is honest and
willing to guide you to success. Success does take time, effort and NOT Giving Up!

5. Where do you see the F5M-Millionaires Club going in the future for the members?

I have developed the F5M-Millionaires Club for one main reason, to offer reliable and dependable LIFETIME of income. Many
opportunities come and go on a monthly basis, this is not a good way to be able to earn income online. You want to have an
opportunity that is Stable, Reliable and Dependable that is going to be around for years to come, even better if generations to
come. F5M-Millionaires Club is that!

The F5M-Millionaires Club in the next possible generation:
  the video will open in another window so you can don’t lose your place

6. Anything you wish to add that is on the Drawing Board now? 

We at the F5M-Millionaires Club are constantly looking and testing new ways to help members to earn income in the most proven,
fastest and easiest way there is. We have one more development which the F5M-MC will offer members to earn residual income
for life, provide one needed ingredient that is very important to any business and let members get paid on Daily, Weekly and
Monthly basis for LIFE.

It is my pleasure to have this conversation with you Doug. You are certainly a great team leader in F5M-Millionaries Club and
you love to help others. I am proud to have such individuals like you to work together to mutually profit for life.
Thank you Doug!

John Kielec

Thank you again John for your time and efforts for your members.
You may Read more about John Kielec’s Business here:

Until next time I wish you all bountiful blessings.

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From 40k in credit card debt to 6 figure income travelling all Summer

Hello There, VivBounty here to give you the latest update on the two most powerful, stable, legal ways to earn money instantly on the Internet.

I share with you the video update by founder & CEO of F5M-Millionaires Club, John Kielec below. I’ve been a proud member of F5M-MC for 5 years now and can tell you that John Kielec is the real deal. He tells it like it is and he works tirelessly to help is member associates to make the most money, honestly online in the easiest way possible.

You will need a link to get into F5M-MC after you watch the video because it’s true what the title of this post says. John Kielec did indeed go from $40,000 in credit card debt to earning a 6-figure income, traveling all Summer and all in less than 5 years. I know, I’ve watched him do it and learned from him.

Also true, is JSS/JustBeenPaid’s “Snoop” will amaze you at how much he earns, how easy it is to speed earnings up without sponsoring, this guy is a master of the matrix. I was at his training yesterday and here are some points that tie in to John Kielec’s comments in the video.

  1. The last training Snoop did was Sunday night.
  2. John K. said in the video we’ve had record numbers joining F5MMC since he added the free $10 bonus page to our Web site.
  3. John K. had his last Saturday training/meeting for the Summer last Saturday and urged all his members to check out Snoop’s Matrix Training
  4. I attended Tuesday afternoon and Snoop was amazed at how many people there were in the training room when he arrived. He said they don’t normally have this many people in the training.
  5. Proof positive that John K. knows what he’s doing. He has thousands of members in F5MMC and all he has to do is send out 1 e-mail and they sign up in droves.
  6. I am withdrawing regularly from JSS, I have been paid multiple times by the Gold Booster John talks about in the video. Wouldn’t you like to do the same?
  7. OK 2 last points: You will need a link to check out F5MMC, here you go CLICK HERE:
  8. You will also need a link to check out JSS/JustBeenPaid, here you go CLICK HERE:

Ok so now check out John’s video and believe him! He walks the walk not just talks the talk.

Safe travels, John and Prosperous Blessings,
Helping you manifest your bounty,