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Today is history.
It began last night, while you were likely asleep.
And the beat goes on …

This email will be a bit different from what you normally receive from me,
but just as applicable to business worldwide and to you in particular,
especially if you have a checking, savings, retirement, brokerage account,
or if you work for an employer who withholds from your pay,
or if you trade openly or in your 401k, Roth IRA, etcetera, et al.

I might as well go ahead and say, “I told you so”, and just get that out there,
though I am by no means a “lone voice crying in the wilderness”.

However, back when I did live webinars and would go on about how governments,
and particularly the u.s. federal government, are broke – beyond belief –
I said that what they are not confiscating now at the end of the barrel of a gun,
I believe they will take more easily via technology, going forward.

Like they do already with automatic withdrawals from working citizens paychecks.
Forcing employers to do all the paperwork and the execute the withholding,
so all the federales have to do is sit on their fat cat cushions and rake in the revenue.
As horrific as this is, it’s just commonly accepted as a “cost of doing business”,
and the beat goes on.

I said that because government and banking eat from the same trough,
they will break directly into your checking, savings, retirement, brokerage,
even “offshore” bank accounts, Swiss “numbered” bank accounts –
this already happened courtesy of the u.s. federal government –
when threatened by the u.s. treasury, the Swiss coughed up everything.

And so it has begun, today, with personal bank accounts in Europe.

And ok I know what you are probably thinking right now …
“That can’t happen here”.

Well let me just say I hope you’re right,
but I don’t have much faith in your way of thinking,
given u.s. history and federal government’s “inspiration of desperation”.

Reference: 17 March 2013

Euro-area finance ministers propose to raise 5.8 Billion euros ($7.6 billion)
by taking a piece of every bank account in Cyprus.

The ‘stability levy’ calls for the confiscation of 6.75% of bank deposits,
up to EUR100,000 and 9.90% of deposits above EUR100,000.

Government is allowed to modify thee thresholds
as long as the total deposit tax amounts to EUR5.8 Billion.

Scenes of Cypriots lining up at cash machines
raised the specter of capital flight elsewhere.

However, some news reports are already stating
this will all blow over in short order and soon become
generally accepted as just a “cost of doing business”.

And the beat goes on …
Can you hear the drums yet?

So what does everyone need, everywhere, in all times, good, bad or ugly?

Answer:  The same thing you need, of course, C.A.S.H. in hand.

Which is exactly what I propose to provide you with via “The Way”,
which is coming Your Way, very soon now …

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Fair enough?

Rick Mathews
Founder of The WealthSystem(TM)
The Success System That Never Fails
Desire + Study + Action = SUCCESS


Now it cannot be any plainer than that.

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